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Saddle Fitting - Saddle Consulting

Specialized in customized saddles and after almost 10 years of experience, we know different horse morphologies and their differents needs. We sell 95% of saddles online and there are many happy TREKhorse clients all around the world. 


In order to make you a well-fitting saddle, we will provide you a personalized document with instructions to measure your horse. It is very easy and we will guide you through the all process. In addition to the measurements and information about you (size, activities...), we will ask you to send us photos of your horse and yourself.


We will make sure that the saddle is made according to your and your horses needs: gullet width, panel padding, panel length, seat size, saddle flap length, knee blocks, leather type, colors and decorations. If you feel unsure, we can accompany you in the measuring process by video-conference (whatsapp or skype). The gullet size and padding of the saddles is possible to change also afterwards! We have a very warm relationship with our saddle smiths and we are able to offer you a full after sales service for reparations or new adjustments of the saddle. For us, sustainability is to offer good quality products that last in time and can be re-adapted when needed.

If you choose an adaptable Trekker saddle, we will send you a document guide to adapt the Trekker saddle to your horse. If you have any doubts about the saddle fitting of your Trekker saddle, we will gladly help you through photos and videos.  

We also visit clients whenever we can and do saddle fitting visits and saddle trials in stables and equestrian  centers, but you may have to wait quite long. If you see us coming to a horse fair near your town, it just might be the occasion to try out our saddles!

Another possibility is to come trail riding and saddle testing to our Spanish home. Not only will you get a perfect feel of all our saddles but you will also pass a fabulous horse adventure in the heart of Spain. You can ask more about this possibility. 


Please call us or e-mail us to know more about the possibilities. 

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